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Yoga for hard days.

For all of Iranians and Farsi speakers all over the world, these days are not only normal days, but full of worries and anxiety. But there is hope in this unusual situation that makes us move forward stronger on the path we have chosen.

Something must be done to control these stresses and worries that have dried up in our existence. This month, we at Zanvibe decided to use 3 methods, dance therapy (coordinated group movements), yoga and mindfulness (meditation) instead of using dance as a tool to create happiness, to recover and create inner driving force to give our women new strength.

In the event of this Sunday, October 16, 2022, Samereh Pourkhalili, a yoga instructor, will help us with the second part (yoga and meditation):

Samereh, what do you have to say to those who have never done yoga and meditation and don't know?

Yoga has different styles and models that we choose according to our needs. Many times we start with one style of yoga, but we get interested in another style. More important than anything in yoga, like many mind and body sports, is wanting to do the work, and then you need to roll out the mat and start. So don't worry and just start.

All styles of yoga follow the same goal. It usually starts with sitting movements, meditation, chanting or breathing and leads to physical exercises and ends with shavasana and meditation.

What style of yoga are we going to do at the Zanvibe event?

The style we are going to do with Zenwaibis is Vinyasa style. It is a style that has fewer and lighter rules and has more speed and variety. This yoga model is a combination of East and West. All yoga styles follow the same goal and the only difference is in the speed of the movements or the explanations given during the exercises.

What does it mean to do yoga correctly?

Doing it right in yoga means not forcing our body and ourselves to do a movement. For example, standing on the head is one of the movements that many people like to be able to do in yoga, but I must point out that for this, a hierarchy of actions and exercises must be done, otherwise it can be very damaging. I emphasise again that in yoga it is very important not to injure our body.

How long have you been doing yoga seriously?

I have been doing yoga for a long time. But I have been doing this seriously and professionally for four years now and it has become the main part of my life.

What has been the biggest impact of yoga in your life?

It taught me patience and this patience has had positive effects on the dimensions of my life. Yoga and meditation have been a great help for me to get through immigration and I have learned that if I leave yoga for a while, I have to start it all over again. In the end, I believe that yoga and meditation are not sports, but a way of life.

I read in an article that Indian yogis practice yoga so that they can sit and meditate for a long time, right?

100% physical training prepares you for meditation. Yoga and meditation are also necessary.

Do yoga and meditation help boost self-confidence?

I think that when these two become a part of life and you start taking courses, several good things happen: you go out of the house, you find friends, you trust your body, you become friends with your body and you love yourself, and I think this is a big step. And it is a good change for each person.

Get your ticket to this event here.

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