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Woman, Life, Liberty

Zan, Zendegi, Azadi.

It means: "Woman, Life, Liberty". This is a slogan used by Iranians all across the globe these days. Iran is right now undergoing a regime change. People of Iran are being beaten, jailed and killed by the regime for protesting against injustice and immoral behaviour of the government towards its citizens. The killing of the 22 years old Mahsa Amini ignited the anger of Iranians once again and this time women of the country, young women and men were in the forefront. It's being said that this is a Women's revolution.

If by now you have not heard, you can watch this amazing interview conducted by Jon Stewart, with Rana Rahimpour, an Iranian-British journalist with BBC Persia.

Artists: Sakina Saidi - Studio Lisa

As an organisation that its' all focus is on women, we feel responsible to raise awareness. This awareness can be raised in many ways. One of which is to educate and inject more and more knowledge to our women in all different layers of society.

This is not merely a political matter. The lives of a nation are in danger. Women in Iran are not allowed to live freely. They are by law considered as 2nd citizens and are deprived from many of their basic human rights.

Did you know that in Iran, it is illegal for women to dance?

Did you know that in Iran, women are not allowed to sing solo?

Did you know that in Iran, women from the age of 9 , must, by law cover their hair, regardless of what they prefer?

Did you know that in Iran, women cannot apply for divorce without a prior agreement of their spouse in advance?

the list goes on.

"As a woman originally from Iran, as a dance enthusiast, as a person who has first hand experience of how life feels like in Iran, I urge you to help us help more women, by spreading the word." Says Shirin, Zanvibe's co-founder.

We started Zanvibe by holding free dancing events in London. As we grow, we are introducing different types of events, from group confidence workshops to meditation, yoga and dance therapy.

In our blog, we try to publish practical and useful articles for women by which they can expand their knowledge about themselves, mentally and physically.

We at Zanvibe stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran and defend their rights. Women of Iran as well as men, are humans with rights, and they must get their rights back.

This month, on 16th of October, our Zanvibe event focuses on inner peace, calmness and reviving energy and heal the wounds that as humans we've got on our souls by seeing, reading, listening and feeling the pain our people in Iran are suffering from. More information available here.

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