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Why is November 25th named as the day to eliminate violence against women?

On November 25th,1960, 3 demonic militant sisters known as the "butterflies", Patria, Minerva and María Teresa, were assassinated by the dictatorial government of Rafael Trujillo in a fake car-throwing accident.

Rafael Trujillo apparently built a modern country and after coming to power in a coup 30 years before the killing of these 3 sisters, he apparently gave women a lot of rights and was one of the first countries to send a female representative to the United Nations.

He was outwardly a hero who stood up for women and mothers, so after killing these 3 sisters, who were on their way to prison to see their husbands, more people saw his true face. Tarkhilo had established a corrupt regime that had a lot of financial benefits for his own family. He eliminated all political parties and did not allow social activists to speak. He, who was given the title of "boss", imprisoned his opponents and used torture and rape to silence them.

After studying law, Minerva becomes aware of these crimes and joins the underground militant groups. The struggles against Tarakhilo increased every day from the exiled groups and internal groups. These fighters were mostly men, and of course female fighters joined them little by little, including the Butterfly Sisters. 1949 when Minerva was arrested for her struggles. He was repeatedly threatened with rape by the "boss" himself, and when he resisted, it made Tarakhilo even more angry.

On June 14, 1960, the Parwanei sisters and their husbands planned a rebellion, which, although it did not succeed, caused countries like the United States to not support this regime and to sanction it, and the churches inside the country rose against them because of the crimes they were committing. Angrier than before, Tarakhilo started mass arrests and then released the women fighters in order to show his gentleness. Until he assassinated 3 sisters on November 25. This assassination caused Tarakhilo's government to shake even more. until in May 1960, seven terrorists (including soldiers) attacked Tarkhilo's car and assassinated him. With the arrival of a new successor, Joaquin Balaguer, the state of the country remained in a dictatorial state until 1970.

Dede Mirabel, the fourth sister, raised her sisters' children and stayed away from politics. Until Mino Traves Mirabel, Minerva's daughter, was elected as a congress representative and deputy foreign minister between 1996 and 2000, while Mino's son worked as the vice president in the same years. In 1994, a book called "In the Time of Butterflies" was written, which made the three sisters famous worldwide, and in 1999, the United Nations named November 25 as the Day of Combating Violence against Women.

Let's read history to hope and learn.

Article from Dorreh Khatibi's telegram channel.

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