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The 4 stages of post-immigration

If you participated in Zanvibe’s August 2022 Webinar, you know that our guest speaker - Samin Haghighi, the founder of the multi-purpose media "Where is Home" explained about the four stages of migration from a psychological and behavioural perspective.

But don't worry, if you couldn't participate in this webinar, below you can identify these four steps and thus know your situation better after immigration.

The benefit of this knowledge is that you can plan and move towards your goal after immigration with a higher quality and don't let disappointment or other negative feelings get you down.

Examining the psychological stages of immigration from the point of view of psychology and ways to overcome them:

  1. Honeymoon stage: This stage generally creates such feelings in you: a feeling of power, a dream trip, a sense of success and achievement, a state of mania and euphoria, discovering a new place. But every honeymoon ends.

  2. Bad mood stage: We can summarise this stage as follows: Nagging! Feeling confused and hopeless. Homesickness, difficulty communicating with society, relationship and family problems, focusing on the differences in cultures and the evils of the new society, and constantly comparing the conditions before immigration with now.

  3. Acceptance stage: This stage is very important and decisive. You agree that you migrated, and not travel! You start making positive comparisons, you see your assets and points in your new home. You search, you decide where you stand on the axis, and your fear becomes the driving force to turn on the engine of your movement.

  4. Accommodating: at this stage, the feeling of guilt has disappeared, we have a sense of belonging to the new "home", new values, psychological balance between two cultures, the loss of the feeling of "exile" from immigration, and the feeling of being a first-class citizen in We have created

Solutions to pass from stage two to three:

  • Learning the new culture: New Country National TV, New Country Radio, Social Media

  • Using available tools, courses and classes to learn/practice the new language

  • Being in the new society and communicating with people other than your original nationality through work, education, recreation or voluntary work

  • Joining immigrant support groups

  • Acquiring knowledge and awareness about the psychological stages of migration

  • Goal setting and planning

One of our goals at Zanvibe is to help women to successfully go through these 4 stages. By participating in Zanvibe events, we will accompany you through these 4 stages and provide and explain to you the tools and strategies to increase your self-confidence to take a step towards the settling and adaptation stage.

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