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Let's dance..forget about going to the gym

Basically whoever knows me, knows how crazzzzyyy I am about dancing. To many I may not be even a good dancer, but I don't care! Because I don't dance only for the aesthetic side of it. I also dance because it's THE BEST way to exercise, stay fit and healthy and use my muscles.

Yes yes, I know, if you talk to a personal trainer or some body building coach, they may say no way, you must lift weights. But they also may say it so they keep their business going. And that's absolutely fine.

However, if they are fair, they will tell you that with certain moves while dancing, you can definitely train and strengthen your muscles ... and I haven't even told you the best part yet.

Wait for it .... you can train your muscles ALL AT THE SAME TIME! ...

YEAH! It's true.

And with this in mind, let's go through which muscles we engage while we dance:

1- Stepping and shaking the middle of the body will engage your abdominal and side muscles.

2- Although most of the movements during dancing involve the lower parts of the body, the arms and hands are not spared and will be involved during your movement.

3- Undoubtedly, the greatest effect of dancing will be on your lower body muscles and your quadriceps and hamstrings will be activated

4- In many dance styles, but mainly dances such as hip-hop and ballet ,the movements you perform will involve the gluteal muscles or the hip area.

5- Most types of dance will work the core and back muscles at the same time.

Aside from these 5, I would also add other body parts such as our joints! If you are not aware of how important it is to move and lube our joint by moving, I suggest you doing some research about it. Basically it is our joints and muscles which will keep us able to move as we age. So dance , even if you think you don't know how to. The best way is to get a ticket to our Zanvibe Dance Events! There, all you need to worry about it NOTHING, but your hydration. So bring a big bottle of water with you. That's all :)

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