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Why is Cycle Sinking important?

What is cycle syncing and who should know more about it?

First of all, I have to tell you that all women need to know more about their amazing body and what happens in their body during a period of 26 to 32 days.

This familiarity with them makes it possible to plan intelligently and based on that for a month of planning.

Total syncing is actually the conscious and purposeful coordination of women's nutrition and physical and social activities with site changes of their monthly cycle.

When you go along with your hormonal fluctuations, you actually learn to live with your body, not against it.

For this harmony, women need to know themselves inside and outside and communicate with it. During a monthly health cycle, i.e. between 26-32 days, women's bodies face four different states or phases, which are called the four hormonal seasons.

In fact, women's creative bodies, like mother earth, which faces four seasons during a year, faces four different seasons during a month.

Who are the cycle sinking exercises suitable for?

These exercises are suitable for almost all women who are of reproductive age and between the ages of twelve and fifty-five.

These exercises are a must for 6 groups of people. These six groups are:

1- People who have cystic uterus and ovaries

2- People are overweight and resistant to diets

3- People who I feel always have

4- Those who are moody and go up and down a lot in terms of spirit.

5- People who intend to get pregnant and are facing problems related to fertility.

6-People who have low libido.


Holistic Nutritionist, yoga and meditation instructor

Shima is also a PhD student in nutrition. And her field of study in Iran was natural resource engineering.

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