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Coaching Shirin

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Finally, the time has come for me to share a great news that I've been wanting to talk about for a long time, here, my dear Zanvibists!

The first mental image that I have of my interest in counselling and personal growth goes back to my first years as a student in university. As a 20-year-old girl who, due to the nature of my life issues and challenges at that time, was sitting in my room curiously searching and finding online articles on how to get to know people better in order to have a good relationship with my boyfriend.

I wanted to understand what is the right and wrong behaviour. Of course, as I said, this curiosity was only at the level of romantic and girlfriend/boyfriend matters. But now that I look back on it, I see that in those days the initial flame of my interest and enthusiasm about human behaviour was lit.

After that, as I progressed in life, as I grew and matured, the depth of my curiosity and effort to learn increased. This effort manifested itself in personal growth and reading self-help books and articles. Sometimes my friends asked me for guidance and I explained everything I knew to them with all my heart.

Maryam. I remember one night at the end of our student years when Maryam, one of my dearest friends, who is now a complete and successful woman, called me and said in a very disappointed and hopeless voice that I wanted to withdraw from the university. Now imagine that a smart person, the best student in the class studying at the best university in Iran, tells you this.

Naturally I took her out for a ride to see what's going on. Long story short, when we got back to her house, before getting out of the car, she said in her sweet and beautiful Baboli accent, "Shirin!! You should become a motivator!" (Or something like that.)

My next memory is about another conversation with another friend: we were sitting on the stairs near the statue of a goat in the yard of the Faculty of Fine Arts when she said, "Shirin, there's this thing about this topic which I think you can help me with." I asked her with curiosity "What topic?" She said "sex" ! Now I said with a surprised expression, "Girl! what made you think I could help you with such matter?" She laughed and said "No! not like that, but the thing is that your courage is very admirable. You are not shy and I have a few questions which I thought maybe you can answer for me."

Samira's questions were the most basic questions related to sexual matters. Things that every person should know before the age of 20. So obviously I helped her get her answers. But this was one of those memories that when I think about, it creates a feeling of pride and joy within me.

That feeling that whispers in your mind "You are fulfilling your need to help others".

Years passed. I graduated. I got a diploma in goldsmithing. I became a goldsmith. I ran a workshop. Then I immigrated to England, London. I studied for another year. I got a master's degree. I got hired. I became a presenter. I became a producer. I became a Zumba instructor. Then I quit. Then I became an English coach, then an influencer, then a podcaster, a business owner. And finally, the seed that was planted in my head since almost 2 years ago sprouted and I officially started my education in the field of coaching.

What's coaching?

Coaching is exactly what I wanted: helping and guiding people to find the best way to move towards what they want in life and achieve it.

Sometimes even you don't know what you want in life. And knowing what you want in life can be your very goal. A coach doesn't tell you what to do. Rather, they become a mirror and a torch for you to get to what you wanna do. A coach is not a therapist. A coach does not give you advice. YOU are the one who has to decide for your life. But as I mentioned, in my courses I take as a coach, we are given the right tools and skills to perform the proper role as a mirror of your path and shed light on the necessary points.

So what was the good news I told you first? It's that I can officially work in the field of coaching from today.

In the near future (a few months from now) I will be getting a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (PPC) and after that a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This is just one of our important and exciting investments in Zanvibe. Because you are important to us. And because in Zanvibe, we like to do everything in a professional and effective way.

That's it for now.

I hope this article was able t

o help you gain more knowledge about us. And I hope you write us your opinion or any question you have below in the comments section.



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