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 Zanvibe aims to lift up your mood
هدف زنوایب حال خوب برای تو است

Zanvibe is not a dance class, it also is not just about dance.

So what is Zanvibe?

Zanvibe is a hub to activate women's self-esteem, self-confidence, and inner vitality.

Zanvibe is a festival where hope and happiness are formed in you through mind and body.

During each session, you will be joined by Shirin, who you know for her positive and upbeat energy.


Give yourself hours of joy, laughter, dancing and happiness.

زنوایب نه تنها کلاس رقص نیست، تنها رقص هم نیست.

پس زنوایب چیه؟ زنوایب مرکزیست برای تقویت عزت نفس،‌ اعتماد به نفس، و فعال‌سازی سرزندگی درونی زنان. 

زنوایب یک جشنه که در آن امید و شادی از طریق ذهن و بدن در وجود شما شکل می‌گیره. در طول هر جلسه با شیرین، که او را به خاطر انرژی مثبت و شادابش می شناسید، همراه می‌شوید.



ساعاتی نشاط ، خنده، رقص و شادی را به خود هدیه دهید.

By taking part in Zanvibe event, not only will you lift up your own mood, but part of your money will be spent for providing medicine for cancer fighters in Iran by "Dastaan-E-Shervin" Cancer Charity. 

با شرکت در زنوایب نه تنها حال خودتون رو خوب میکنید. بلکه به خرید داروهای بیماران سرطانی توسط خیریه «دستان شروین» در ایران هم کمک میکنید. 

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Girl with Grey Tshirt

Afrouz, London
Sept. 22 Event

My friends forced me to came to the Zanvibe event. I did not feel like dancing so I said I'll come but I won't dance. When I participated in the first half which was the confidence workshop, it completely changed my mind, and for me it was a very good way to enter the next part, which was dancing.

And the fact that we didn't have to follow the movements strictly and perform like in a dance class gave me sense of freedom and I felt very good.

Woman with Long Hair

Sara, London
July 22 Event

Before I went to Zanvibe's event, I didn't think that the group would be so happy and friendly. The behaviour of the hosts with their happy faces, the warm treatment they had with those who entered the hall was very beautiful. The environment and atmosphere you created was full of energy, joy and excitement, and it felt like our Iranian celebrations, brought back all these beautiful memories to me.

Portrait of a Woman

Niloufar, London
Aug. 22 Event

Today, before the event, I was in a bad mood, "why did I give up and immigrated at this age with all the good conditions I used have?" I kept thinking. But after attending  Zanvibe's online event, I was pumped. They went through all the feelings I had and it made me feel better. It was perfect!


A good flick as a reminder for me.

Abou Shirn

Shirin, The Dance Coach

Since childhood, Shirin was popular for her love for dance and she was always the one who was asked to perform and dance for the crowd in every private party. After revolution In Iran, dancing has become illegal for everyone, specially women. As a result of this, Shirin had no chance of becoming a professional dancer back in her home country.
However, she continued learning dance by taking underground Salsa classes, practicing to recorded videos from the satellite and any other chance she could get to add to her knowledge of dancing. 

After graduation, Shirin immigrated to the United Kingdom and started her job as a Television Presenter and Producer in the most popular Farsi Speaking television channel , called Manoto TV. During the 5 years of her profession in Television, Shirin made 6 documentary series about Dance around the world including the UK, Ireland and India. She challenged herself in learning different styles of dance in all of these countries and explored their culture and lifestyle. 

Additionally, Shirin performed and choreographed various numbers of dance routines for a prime time Celebrity Game Show called “Thursday Night Show”. 

In parallel to all these, Shirin also got her training license as a professional Zumba instructor back in 2015. However, she had been teaching Zumba since 2011, when she lived in Iran. 
She’s been holding on-going Zumba classes ever since.
Her online and live classes during the COVID pandemic, helped hundreds of people globally to stay healthy, mentally and physically. 

Today, Shirin is working as a full time entrepreneur, confidence coach, and public influencer, empowering across the world.



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