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Shervin's Hands Charity was founded in 2019 by Shahrzad Rezaei , one of Zanvibe's co-founders.

"In 2019 , my young brother, Shervin, was diagnosed with cancer and I was by his side throughout this long and painful treatment process," Says Shahrzad. "I saw patients in treatment centres who, in addition to this pain, also suffered from lack of money.
I had to do something, this disease alone destroys a patient, a family, and when you have financial problems along with it.
During the days that I was in the chemotherapy and radiation therapy centres with my beloved, I asked what is the duty of those who cannot afford these high costs, and they said that they go to the social workers of the centres and get help from them.
After a lot of research and searches, I managed to find three social workers in three different centres who helped poor cancer patients and I asked them to introduce the patients to me by mentioning their characteristics and the help they need so that we can help them as much as possible.
These small but useful contributions continued with the help of kind friends and benefactors until unfortunately I lost my young brother and I decided to help these patients."

We at Zanvibe, hope that together with you, we can help cancer fighters in our home country more than before.
Those hands that help are holier than hands raised to pray.

With your contributions, you will be part of this great movement. Every month, some of your ticket fee will cover part of the cost for medicines or treatments for at least one cancer patient in our country.

So next to women's health and empowerment, giving to those who need help, lies within our core values.

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