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Our Vision

One of our main values at Zanvibe is JOY. We want that sense of community to appear among our kind, loving and hardworking women to also feel good about themselves, taking a break from the busy day to day life, and experience the essence of delight. Our goal is to unlock the potentials of immigrant and non-immigrant women in our country.

We want YOU to have fun without thinking of who to impress, at Zanvibe events you only have yourself to think about and to impress.

Meet the Founders

I am Shahrzad. I live in my forties.
Graduated from the University of Arts in the field of photography, I always wanted dance to be a part of my and my daughter's life. My career has been mostly in the field of art teaching, production, holding art-film festivals and organising charities.

I believe in the dance that takes off in my lap, your laughter captures you, your mourning, your joy, amazes you.

I am happy to be with you in Zanvibe, because joy, dancing and freedom are the right of all of us.


I am Shirin. Living currently in my thirties. A full-time entrepreneur, NLP practitioner and Confidence coach. 

Graduated in BA at the Fine Arts faculty of  Tehran University and then did my masters at Brunel University London. 

My whole life, dancing has been the first and main passion of mine, which feeds my need for creativity, joy and empowerment.​

Luckily, I have been told all my life, that I can easily transfer this joy to my audience, too.

This passion and talent of mine had a direct effect on my career as well as my personal life. During my career as a television presenter and producer, I created many programmes that covered different aspects of dance. From entertainment shows to documentary series. 

Being an entrepreneurial character, I quit my full time job at its peak to turn my dreams into goals, which wouldn't happen if I had my 9 to 6 job. 

My dream is to continuously empower, educate and bring joy to all women in the world. 

Today I wear a few hats: NLP coach, TV producer and Zanvibe's CEO

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